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Perennials For Sale In Bowie, Maryland

From beautiful flowers to stand-out foliage, Perennials keep seasonal interest in your garden year after year!

We are constantly growing breathtaking crops of popular perennials – plants for sun gardens, for pollinators, for shady areas and containers, grasses, and groundcovers! What we don’t grow on site we bring in from trusted wholesale nurseries that we have worked with for years.

Come by and ask our team about our current selection of perennials. Our staff can help point you in the right direction when designing your perfect home garden or landscaping. When you plant perennials from Patuxent nursery, you know you’re planting a healthy garden that will come back every year better than ever.

Take a look at a few of the perennials we offer by perusing the links below. To see what is currently in stock, come by and visit our nursery in Bowie, Maryland.

Please Note: We typically do not stock plants when they are out of season, especially our perennials. If there is something you are in search of, please contact us directly!

Currently in Season: FALL PERENNIALS

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Browse By Season

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