Houseplants for Sale

Patuxent Nursery has many different types of houseplants for sale that can add balance and extravagant colors to your home or office. We offer many different sizes of houseplants that can accommodate any space that needs texture and color. Choose from houseplants, palm trees, tropical plants, orchids, clean air plant, low light plants, succulents and cacti. 

Give your sunroom a purpose. Or just help yourself beat the extreme weather conditions the seasons bring. Our selection of tropicals will liven up your living room and provide attractive seasonal color to your patio or poolside.

Houseplants are one of the easiest ways to bring the great outdoors inside all year long, but especially during the colder months. From the current ‘it’ houseplant, the Fiddle Leaf Fig, to the elegant orchids to clean air plants to the easiest of them all, cacti, Patuxent Nursery has them all for sale.We’re also pleased to offer a wide range of tropical plants, including palms. We have assembled a wide variety of interesting tropical foliage plants, trees and flowering tropicals to choose from.


Fiddle Leaf Figs for Sale

The Fiddle Leaf Fig is total eye candy! This houseplant is lush, tall, columnar and sculptural and it’s the ‘it’ plant right now. This tough plant adapts easily to conditions and once acclimated it can grow to 6 feet or taller. You know you want one! Stop by today and get yours.

Fiddle Leaf- Houseplants for Sale in Bowie, MD

Orchids for Sale

Colder weather doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy the beauty of live, flowering plants. Orchids have become one of the most popular houseplants of all time. Despite looking beautiful, elegant and complicated to maintain, orchids can be surprisingly easy to take care of.

Orchids are the largest family of flowering plants. They have also been around the longest as they are one of the oldest flowers in existence. Since varieties of orchids are found all over the world, it’s accepted that orchids were in existence prior to the separation of the continents. There are more than 25,000 documented species of orchid, and scientists are finding more every day.

Orchids, Houseplants for sale in Bowie, MD

Orchids, Houseplants for Sale in Bowie, MD

Succulents & Cacti for Sale

Succulents and cacti are in stock at Patuxent Nursery and ready for your home! These little plants require little maintenance and are a great addition to a home or apartment.

Succulent Houseplants for Sale in Maryland - Patuxent Nursery

Cactus Houseplants for Sale in Maryland - Patuxent Nursery
Succulents for Sale - Patuxent Nursery

Clean Air Plants for Sale

Bringing houseplants into your home isn’t just for looks. Some species of houseplants can actually clean the air in your home! NASA has been studying houseplants and created a list of clean air plants. Patuxent Nursery has plenty of these plants in stock, like our personal favorites, Croton and Peace Lily.

Peace Lily, Clean Air Houseplants for sale in Bowie, MD
Peace Lily

Croton, Clean Air Houseplants for sale at Patuxent Nursery

Flowering Houseplants for Sale

Not all houseplants are just green. There are some beautiful blooming houseplants out there to add a pop of color to your home or office. African Violets, tropical Hibiscus, Peace Lily and Anthurium are just a few to choose from.

African Violet - Flowering Houseplants for Sale - Patuxent Nursery
African Violet

Kalanchoe - Flowering Houseplants for Sale at Patuxent Nursery
Stop by and check out our selection for yourself and bring the beauty of nature inside your home today. 

Looking for a specific houseplant? Try our Plant Finder tool.