Shop at the Largest Plant Nursery Near Burtonsville, MD

If you’re a gardener in Burtonsville, MD, you might be looking for a unique plant nursery nearby like many other gardeners. Look no further than Patuxent Nursery, where you’ll find the largest selection in the region.

Gardening Challenges in Burtonsville, MD

Unfortunately, many gardeners face region-based challenges when they live and plant in Burtonsville, MD, and no matter their experience level, they sometimes need experts at a nursery to help them find the right products and solutions. The area is known for hot summers and cold winters, which isn’t the best environment for several plant species. Many gardeners in the area also have to combat fungi, pests, deer, crabgrass, low soil quality, space limitations, restricted sunlight exposure and more.

If you’re dealing with any of these situations in your garden or worry that you might someday, the best course of action is to connect with local nursery experts who can help you when a crisis arises.

Our Garden Center Experts Near Burtonsville, MD

You can’t always predict what might happen in your garden, but you can prepare for it. At Patuxent Nursery, our experts will help with any problem you might be facing when you visit our store location. The in-person advantage allows us to speak in detail about your unique landscape, so we have a better idea of the right solution when you come to us with a problem.

You’ll be able to team up with a group of experienced gardeners and view countless plants and resources in our lawn and garden center that solve just about any issue. We have:

  • Crabgrass control
  • Grass seed
  • Fungicide
  • Fertilizers
  • Mulches
  • Organic lawn supplies
  • Garden tools
  • Hoses
  • Sprinklers
  • Garden apparel
  • And more

About Our Location Near Burtonsville, MD

Because our customers can’t always take the time for long drives no matter how much they care about their gardens, we’re happy to offer a plant nursery just a half hour from Burtonsville, MD. Our shop located in Bowie, MD, is quickly accessible via Springfield or Powder Mill Road — other routes are also available. Once you get here, you’ll be able to browse the largest plant nursery in the region, speak with experts about your goals and find just the right plants and products to take home and make your garden exactly how you envision it.

If you’re looking for a new plant species to add to your collection, you’re in luck. No matter what root span, appearance, mature size, care requirement or sunlight-exposure needs you want your plants to have, we’re sure to stock an option that suits your garden. We have the largest selection of nursery plants near Burtonsville, MD, including many we’ve grown ourselves from seed and some we’ve pulled from the best growers on the East Coast. We wanted to reach our goal of bringing you the widest possible variety of species and options, including:

Patuxent Nursery: Helping Burtonsville, MD, Gardeners

When you need a unique plant nursery near Burtonsville, MD, with experts who can help you with unexpected threats to your garden, visit Patuxent Nursery for unparalleled customer service!

Patuxent Nursery

2410 Crain Highway
Bowie, MD 20716


  • Get on I-95 S in 1, Vansville from Sandy Spring Rd
  • Take I-495 E and US-50 E to US-301 S in 7, Queen Anne. Take exit 13A-13B-13C from US-50 E
  • Follow US-301 S to Patuxent Nursery