Patuxent Nursery Planting Service

Need help planting your newly purchased plants, trees or shrubs? Patuxent Nursery has you covered with our Planting Service.

What To Expect:

When you come in and purchase your trees and shrubs, you can coordinate and pay for planting services at the same time. With Patuxent’s Planting Service, we will deliver and plant your plants for you with premium soil amendments, staking, and quality mulch. You can have peace of mind knowing that your new trees and shrubs have everything they need to thrive because they were planted by experts!

You must purchase plants in person and you must coordinate your planting service in person. Once you have discussed what you need to be planted and where, our team will pull together a quote and schedule a day for our team to come. Planting Services cost 100% of the cost of your plant materials’ original retail value, with a $300 minimum. Mulch, soil amendments, and tree staking are included in the cost along with all labor necessary. Additional delivery fee based on location.

First, Patuxent Nursery will coordinate some of the logistics for your planting. We will let you know what day we will come, and the day before we will call you to let you know a more specific time frame. We ask that you are home while we are planting, or that you mark exactly where you want each plant to go. Patuxent Nursery’s planting team will not design your garden, they do not provide landscape design services.

Then, we will coordinate with Miss Utility so that any pipes or other underground structures can be clearly marked and avoided. While we will coordinate with Miss Utility, we do not know when they will come and we do not have access to their schedule. Once they’ve marked underground structures and you have marked where you want your plants to be planted, then Patuxent Nursery’s team can plant for you. We do not coordinate with HOAs or obtain any permits – those are the responsibility of the homeowner! Also, there must be no obstacles in the way whatsoever – if we can’t get to the place where you want your trees and shrubs planted then we can’t plant them.

When our team arrives, we will plant your garden quickly and efficiently. We provide soil amendments and undyed mulch, but you can purchase dyed mulch for an upcharge if you prefer.

It is your responsibility to ensure that the plants you choose will thrive where you want us to plant them. You can read more about this in our Planting Service Terms and Conditions (listed below). If our team believes that your new plants will not thrive in the locations you have chosen, it is their responsibility to let you know so that you can make adjustments accordingly. If you do not make any changes based on our team’s recommendations and want us to plant your plants in a spot where we believe the plant will not thrive, we reserve the right to revoke your warranty. Otherwise, anything we plant that is properly cared for will be under warranty for six months. Please refer to our Planting Service Terms and Conditions (listed below) for more details.

Patuxent Nursery’s Planting Services are only available during the spring and fall seasons, as these are the ideal time to plant. Everything we do is to ensure that your plants will thrive, and that includes planting them at the best time of year with the best team available. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us!

Looking for anything in particular? Send our customer service team your plant list and we can let you know if we have it or if we have suitable alternatives we would recommend. We’re looking forward to working with you to plant your perfect garden!

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    Planting Service Terms and Conditions

    Patuxent Nursery, LLC herein referred to as “Patuxent Nursery” warrants that all plant materials furnished under this agreement meet the size and quality specifications as selected by the customer or their assigned representative from the nursery.

    All plant material shall be guaranteed for a period of 6 months after installation (it is a one-time replacement of plant material purchased for equal or lesser value), providing it is maintained in the manner outlined in our plant care guide. The warranty ONLY includes plant material replacements; it DOES NOT include the installation fee (“installation fee” meaning 100% of the value of plants or $300 minimum, whichever is greater). The customer assumes risk of loss due to incorrect watering or damage caused by deer, other animal pests, fungus, insects and/or mites. It is also understood that Patuxent Nursery shall not be liable for losses, damages, or delays that are caused beyond the control of the nursery which includes, but not limited to: fires, strike, vandalism, inclement weather, floods, state or national emergencies, and materials lost or stolen after delivery to the customer. Plants eligible for warranty must be completely dead or have a minimum of 50% die-off during the growing season (not when it is dormant).

    Patuxent Nursery is not responsible for obtaining any applicable permits required for this project. It is the responsibility of the customer to apply to HOA approval if necessary, etc.

    Make sure you know what conditions your plant needs to thrive. Choosing the planting site is the responsibility of the customer. Our plants are kept in optimal conditions while at the nursery so it is up to you, the customer, to choose the right plant(s) for your landscape. When Patuxent Nursery employees arrive to the location to perform the installation and notices that the location and/or conditions are not optimal for the chosen plant(s) to survive, they will inform the customer. The customer, at that time, can choose another site for planting OR can substitute different plants (paying the difference if applicable) that will do well in the area initially chosen. Based on what the customer decides, there can be a delay in the planting service due to Miss Utility, exchange of plant(s), and rescheduling the installation. If the customer decides to proceed with the installation without any changes recommended by Patuxent Nursery employees, the customer will be asked to sign a waiver that will void all warranties. Patuxent Nursery will provide appropriate marking materials and requests that the customer be on-site at the time of installation, or carefully mark the planting locations prior to the scheduled installation date.

    Pricing quoted herein assumes normal access to the designated planting site. Any obstacles such as but not limited to: stumps, steps, gates with a width less than 3′, sprinklers/irrigation, existing trees, or other plants, will prevent us from doing our job.

    Patuxent Nursery will notify Miss Utility prior to the start date. Patuxent Nursery will not be responsible for any damage to wire, pipe, cable, etc. that has not been marked by Miss Utility or the owner prior to the start of the project.

    Patuxent Nursery will provide appropriate planting materials including soil amendments, mulch, and staking materials for each plant as required.

    Patuxent Nursery will deliver the material on or before installation, which will take place between the hours of 7 AM and 6 PM on the scheduled date, weather permitting. Patuxent Nursery will call prior to the scheduled installation to allow a more accurate time estimate. Patuxent Nursery reserves the right to charge a delivery up charge for all planting locations.

    All work will be provided by Patuxent Nursery employees or a licensed contractor supervised by Patuxent Nursery. The scope of the work to be performed is outlined in the agreement signed at the point of purchase.

    By executing this agreement the customer gives Patuxent Nursery permission to photograph the project for up to one year after planting. Patuxent Nursery will have unlimited use of said photographs.

    Planting services will not be rendered until this agreement is signed and agreed upon by both the customer and Patuxent Nursery.