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Are you a gardener in Bowie, MD? Are you looking for some assistance finding the right plants for your conditions and preferences? Whether you’re brand new to gardening or continuing a lifelong pursuit, there’s no denying challenges come up along the way. With just a short drive to our Crain Highway location, you can get the in-person attention and answers you need. Our experts at the Patuxent nursery in Bowie, MD can help you.

Gardening Challenges in Bowie, MD

It’s no secret that gardening in Bowie, MD, comes with a unique set of challenges. It starts with understanding the requirements of each plant you’re considering. Since the area is known to sometimes have intense seasons, you need to understand the right times to plant and which varieties will work best for your landscape, weather conditions, soil quality and more.

Sometimes, you want someone to answer your questions, show you different plants and explain facts in person instead of finding your information entirely online. Not every gardener can take the time to travel long distances for that kind of in-depth assistance, which is why it’s a priority for us to upkeep a welcoming, helpful location filled with quality experts and knowledgeable staff within reach of anybody in the Bowie, MD, area.

Our nursery in Bowie sells a variety of plants, shrubs, garden supplies & more.

We are the Garden Center Experts in Bowie, MD

At Patuxent Nursery, we grow a variety of plants that will thrive in the Bowie, MD, area and beyond. You need a wide selection and extensive range to choose from to successfully match your climate and circumstances. That’s why we grow our own plants and also bring some in from some of the best growers on the East Coast ensuring a quality selection. We also provide the best mulches, fertilizers, fungicides, soil conditioners, garden tools, organic lawn supplies and more to meet the specific challenges our customers face.

Gardeners in the Bowie, MD, area are looking for in-person help for their challenges, and at Patuxent Nursery, that’s exactly what we’re here to give. When you come to our location with an idea for your gardening project, we’ll provide excellent customer service. Whether you need more privacy for your home, a more appealing look or a better fragrance, our experts will help you come up with the solutions you need to find the right type of plant for the job.

Best Nursery in Bowie- Patuxent Nursery

At Patuxent Nursery, we’re dedicated to constant development, which is why we reinvest regularly to expand what we can offer. We have the largest selection of shrubs and trees you’ll find in the metro area. We also have an extensive assortment of colorful groundcovers, annuals, tropicals, perennials and more. If you want organically grown edible plants, you’ll find them in our Bowie location, as well. If you’re not finding what you need, just ask.

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When you arrive at our plant nursery in Bowie, MD, you’ll be able to browse our entire selection, check out our gardening-oriented gift shop and conveniently shop outdoor-living accessories — all in one single nearby location.

Visit the Largest Nursery in Bowie, MD

If you’re looking for a unique plant nursery in Bowie, MD, you’ve found us. Thanks to our convenient location, you can easily visit our shop to see our wide selection in person. Visit us today!

Patuxent Nursery

2410 Crain Highway
Bowie, MD 20716


  • Follow MD-564 E/11th St/Lanham Severn Rd to MD-197 S/Laurel Bowie Rd
  • Continue on MD-197 S to 7, Queen Anne
  • Drive to Patuxent Nursery