Patuxent Nursery Return Policy

Our replacement policy for perennials is 30 days post purchase. For trees and shrubs; 1 year post purchase.

Rhododendrons, Mountain Laurel, and all topiaries are excluded from the warranty and are not supported under Patuxent Nursery’s replacement policy.

This policy only applies provided that the plant was properly planted in the ground and given everything necessary for survival. Please refer to the planting guide for details on how to properly care for your plant.

Our replacement policy is limited to a one-time replacement of plants that failed to survive after receiving proper care, no exceptions. Plants purchased at “regular” or “club” pricing will be replaced up to that dollar amount. Plants purchased at a discounted rate will be replaced at the discounted value with the exception of plants purchased at 40% or more off, these plants are not covered under the replacement policy.

Patuxent Nursery will not be held responsible for replacing plants with a different type of plant, this is up the Department Manager’s discretion.

This policy does not extend in any way to Landscape Contractors, or their clients who purchased plants through them.

At the first sign of trouble, please give us a call to report the issue.

Policy Revised June 2020