Patuxent Nursery Return Policy

We at Patuxent are dedicated to ensure you purchase the best nursery grown plants at the best possible prices we can offer. We guarantee all plants to be true to name and species, and are nursery grown to survive in our current USDA Planting Zone 7 conditions, when proper care is provided.

Please remember that at the first sign of any problem with any plant, prompt attention may help save it. Contact us at the first sign of trouble.

Patuxent, like most reputable nurseries, is limited to warranty certain plant materials for specified time periods. Some plants have a short, or no warranty due to their special needs and/or delicate nature.

These plants are not eligible for any replacement:

Annuals • Tropical Plants • House Plants • Sod • Zoysia Plugs

Any Plant Sold “AS IS”

These plants are eligible for a 30 day replacement:

Perennials • Vines • Grasses • Ground Covers • Aquatic Plants

“Tea Roses” (Specialty roses other than Knock-Out Roses)

These plants are eligible for a full 1 year replacement:

All Trees and Shrubs purchased at our Full Club Member’s price, when documented by physical or pictorial evidence of plant failure along with an original receipt, will be replaced. Plant material of equal or lesser value may be substituted. Any trees or shrubs purchased on sale or discounted in any manner will also be replaced; however any price difference at the time of replacement is the responsibility of the consumer. PLEASE NOTE THIS IS A ONE TIME REPLACEMENT ONLY. ANY OTHER REFUND REQUESTS AFTER 24 HOURS OF PURCHASE ARE ONLY ELIGIBLE FOR STORE CREDIT AS THIS IS LIVE PLANT MATERIAL!

This is the only binding replacement policy offered or honored by Patuxent Nursery. No claims for any other reason will be considered. No statement by any employee or representative of Patuxent constitutes a guarantee or warranty beyond the terms of this written Replacement Policy.

UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES WILL ANY CONTRACTOR-PRICED PLANT MATERIALS, AFTER 48 HOURS OF PURCHASE, BE REPLACED OR REFUNDED. All special order material must be prepaid and is not eligible for refund once the order is placed.