Patuxent Nursery's Return Policy


Pottery and hard goods should be returned within 7 days of original purchase date in new original packaging and unused conditions to be able to receive a refund.

The plants that you purchased are high quality, healthy and well cared for. Should a tree or shrub that is planted in the ground and watered according to our written instructions fail to survive, we will gladly help you to understand what is going on with your plants.

There is no warranty or returns on Annuals, Perennials, Houseplants, Tropicals, Grasses, Ground Covers, Sod, sale plants and any items purchased with a 30% or higher discount.

100% of the purchase price of trees and shrubs will be given store credit during the first six months from the date of purchase if the following conditions have been met.
-If you purchased a tree or shrub as a Club Member (Name, Phone #, Email)
-If plants have been properly planted and cared for
-If we encounter a similar issue with our plants
-There is no warranty on plants discounted 30% or more
-There is no warranty or returns on Topiaries, Specialty Roses, or Rhododendrons
-There is no warranty on any tree or shrub not planted in the ground

You can apply your store credit towards plants and materials. There are no cash refunds.

Naturally, this policy cannot cover damage or death beyond our control, such as improper planting (usually too deep), over or under watering, physical damage, insect, wildlife or disease damage, winterkill, or extreme natural conditions such as droughts or ice storms.
You must return the dead plant(s) for diagnosis with proof of in-ground planting (pictures) and bring the original receipt before we can issue any credits.

Please note: Eligible trees and shrubs that are grown in locations other than “in ground,” such as plants that are in containers, are not covered by our replacement policy.

Plants covered by this replacement policy will only be replaced one time.

At the first sign of any issues with your plants contact us right away at with a photo(s) and detailed description so we can help you thru any problem(s) you may be experiencing.


Policy Revised July 2021