Shop at the Largest Plant Nursery Near College Park, MD

When you’re looking to expand your garden in College Park, MD, you need a nursery to offer the products and support you want and deserve. Trust Patuxent Nursery, the largest in the area, to give you that assistance.

Gardening Challenges in College Park, MD

Many of our customers are experts in gardening themselves, but no matter their experience level, they sometimes encounter gardening threats and crises that could result in a lot of damage if they didn’t have a plant nursery and lawn and garden center near them to help. Living in the College Park, MD, area brings region-specific threats at certain times, like harsh temperatures during different seasons. Other common issues include fungi, space restrictions, pests, deer, low sunlight exposure, crabgrass outbreaks, poor soil quality and more.

Whether you’ve been gardening in College Park, MD, for your entire life or you just recently started, it’s impossible to predict every element that could put your garden’s health in danger. What you can always count on, however, is that you have a plant nursery near you with experts who can help.

Our Garden Center Experts Near College Park, MD

When you visit us in person to find a solution to gardening problems, the trip provides several great advantages:

  • In-Depth Discussions: It’s easier for our experts to come up with the right solution for your troubles if they can get details about your unique landscape and conditions.
  • Teamwork: With a group of experienced gardeners and countless resources at your fingertips, you’ll be able to solve just about any gardening problem.
  • Viewable Inventory: You’ll want to see for yourself how large our selection is and what each plant and product looks like. Whether you need plants, fungicide, crabgrass control, grass seed, soil conditioner, fertilizer, mulch, garden tools, garden apparel, hoses, sprinklers or something else, browsing our garden center yourself and asking our experts for help finding specific items will ensure success.
  • Higher Success Rate: At the end of the day, you’re more likely to go home with a solution that works quickly and over the long-term.

About Our Location Near College Park, MD

When you don’t have all day to drive around trying to find a plant nursery near College Park, MD, choose Patuxent Nursery in Bowie, MD. We’re less than a half-hour drive from anywhere in the area, and you’ll have several route options, including Greenbelt Road and the Baltimore-Washington Parkway.

Once you get to us, you’ll be able to take advantage of the largest selection of nursery plants near College Park, MD. We want our customers to have a wide selection. To reach that goal, we bring plants in from some of the highest-quality growers on the East Coast to add to the extensive collection we grow ourselves. Whether you want shrubs, perennials, annuals, houseplants, groundcovers and grasses, trees or something else, you’re sure to find it at Patuxent Nursery.

Patuxent Nursery: Helping College Park, MD, Gardeners

Don’t settle for a small plant nursery in College Park, MD. Choose a large, unique location where you can find quality customer service from experienced professionals — visit Patuxent Nursery today!

Patuxent Nursery

2410 Crain Highway
Bowie, MD 20716


  • Get on I-495 S/I-95 S in Greenbelt from Campus Dr and MD-201 N/Kenilworth Ave
  • Continue on I-495 S/I-95 S. Take US-50 E to US-301 S in 7, Queen Anne. Take exit 13A-13B-13C from US-50 E
  • Follow US-301 S to Patuxent Nursery