Shop at the Largest Plant Nursery Near Hanover, MD

Hanover, MD, is filled with countless experienced gardeners, and when they come up against challenges or need plant products, they look for a plant nursery they can trust near the area. Patuxent Nursery is the right choice.

Gardening Challenges in Hanover, MD

Every gardener, whether they’re brand new or a lifelong planter, faces certain threats to their success. In the Hanover, MD, area, seasonal temperatures are harsh and keep certain plant species from thriving. In addition, some gardeners have to deal with deer, pests, low soil quality, restricted space, fungi, crabgrass outbreaks, spaces with little sun exposure and more. Left untreated, any one of these issues or a combination of them could hinder the growth and survival of plants in your garden.

It would be impossible to predict any challenge you might face over the years as a gardener, but what you can always rely on is having a plant nursery nearby with experts who can help, no matter what comes up.

Our Garden Center Experts Near Hanover, MD

Even if you have years of experience gardening, it can still be useful to meet face-to-face with experienced plant professionals to talk about region-specific challenges that relate directly to your landscape, garden and conditions. Our advice to fix problems that have arisen in your garden might be completely different from a suggestion we give someone else with the same issue.

When you visit our physical shop location, it gives us a chance to talk to you in detail, and it gives you a chance to see our plants and products with your own eyes. You’ll be able to browse our selection of fungicides, mulches, soil conditioners, crabgrass control, grass seed, garden apparel, tools, sprinklers, fertilizers, organic lawn supplies and more. Being at our location in person with the help of our experienced experts gives you a high chance of finding the right combination of products to solve any gardening crisis.

About Our Location Near Hanover, MD

We know how important your garden is to you, but we also know you can’t always drive all day every time an issue comes up or whenever you need a new plant. Fortunately, you only have to drive about a half hour to get to our location in Bowie, MD, by the Baltimore-Washington Parkway. Once you get here, you’ll be able to team up with our experts to decide which products from our lawn and garden center work best for your needs.

If you want a new plant, you should choose based on several factors, including mature size, root span, required care, needed sunlight exposure and overall aesthetics — that’s why it’s so important to visit us in person. You’ll be able to see our trees, shrubs, grasses and groundcovers, annuals, perennials, houseplants and more — some that we grow ourselves, and some that we bring in from the best East Coast growers out there, so we can offer the largest possible range of species to our customers.

Patuxent Nursery: Helping Hanover, MD, Gardeners

When you want a unique plant nursery near Hanover, MD, with top-notch customer service and the largest available selection, come shop at Patuxent Nursery.


Patuxent Nursery

2410 Crain Highway
Bowie, MD 20716


  • Get on MD-100 E in 5 from Coca Cola Dr
  • Continue on MD-100 E. Take I-97 S to MD-3 S in Hanover. Take exit 7 from I-97 S
  • Follow MD-3 S to US-301 S in 7, Queen Anne
  • Follow US-301 S
  • Drive to Patuxent Nursery