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For something as important as your landscape and gardening goals, sometimes an in-person trip to a quality, unique nursery is in order. If you’re in Severna Park, MD, Patuxent Nursery is the location for you.

Gardening Challenges in Severna Park, MD

Whether you’ve been gardening in the Severna Park area one month or your entire life, you’ve probably come to know the region-based challenges well. Seasons throughout the year can bring extreme temperatures that aren’t conducive to the growth of certain plant species. Some landscapes throughout the area are vulnerable to fungi, low soil quality, crabgrass outbreaks and space restrictions that don’t work for certain mature sizes and root spans. Meanwhile, other gardeners face deer, pests or a combination of negative influences on their gardens that hinder progress.

There’s no telling what challenges each of us might face as gardeners, no matter our level of experience. On the plus side, you have a unique nearby nursery full of experts who will help you come to the right solution every time.

Our Garden Center Experts Near Severna Park, MD

Many gardeners prefer to visit their nurseries in person so they can browse a selection of plants they can see for themselves and hold in-depth conversation with experts who help when challenges arise. At Patuxent Nursery, we’re committed to quality customer service that leads you to find the solutions you need as quickly as possible. When you visit our store in person, it lets our experts work with you to assess your unique situation, including your landscape and its conditions, in order to come up with successful treatment.

Once we’ve established a plan of action, we’ll help you find the right plants, products and tools to solve any crisis. Our expansive garden center and selection of outdoor-living accessories are sure to have anything you need, whether that’s fungicide, mulch, garden tools, crabgrass control, grass seed, fertilizer, soil conditioner, hoses and sprinklers, organic lawn supplies or something else.

About Our Location Near Severna Park, MD

If you want to add a new plant species to your already-established garden or start your very first garden, you’ll want to choose from a wide range of options. Not every plant thrives on every landscape or requires the same level of care, which means variety is one of the most important aspects of a nursery visit. When you choose Patuxent Nursery, you’ll find that we grow a massive selection of our own plants and pull from some of the best growers on the entire East Coast to make sure you find what you need. Options include:

What’s even better is that it doesn’t take a long drive to get to us. In less than an hour — much closer to a half hour — and with several route options, you’ll have access to everything on our list and more.

Patuxent Nursery: Helping Severna Park, MD, Gardeners

If you’re going visit a plant nursery near Severna Park, MD, why not go to the largest inventory in the area? Visit Patuxent Nursery today!

Patuxent Nursery

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  • Get on MD-2 S/US-301 S/US-50 W in Arnold from Baltimore Annapolis Blvd
  • Follow US-50 W to US-301 S in 7, Queen Anne. Take exit 13A-13B-13C from US-301 S/US-50 W
  • Follow US-301 S to Patuxent Nursery