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Real Christmas Trees in Bowie, MD

As the ultimate symbol of Christmas and the turning of the seasons, the Christmas Tree has become a family tradition like no other. Decorating with lights and personalized ornaments, this household centerpiece holds such great memories and an important place in our hearts. This season, choose Patuxent Nursery as your Christmas Tree destination and bring home your holiday cheer today.

Bring the whole family together and come in to choose your tree at Patuxent Nursery. Our nursery transforms for the holidays to include a veritable Christmas Tree Farm experience where you can explore and find the perfect tree. Then, come inside to pick up all the tools you need to keep your tree thriving all season. The Patuxent showroom is full of inspirational ways you can decorate your tree, so make sure to come see our holiday decorations available this year.

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Fresh Cut Christmas Trees at Patuxent Nursery

There is nothing more magical than the smell of a fresh-cut Christmas Tree filling the room. Our whole lot is filled with trees of all different sizes! We recommend that you take a small saw and trim another inch off of the bottom of the trunk when you get home, then put it in water in your tree stand right away. Why? Even though these are fresh-cut trees, cutting them again immediately before placing them in water will have the same effect that cutting a bouquet of flowers has – it makes it much easier for the tree to pull in water from the tree stand and last longer.

Here are some of the fresh-cut real Christmas Trees we have sold at Patuxent Nursery in years past. To see what we currently have in stock, please come visit our nursery in Bowie, MD. You can also call our customer service team at (301) 218-4769 to ask ahead.

three fraser fir christmas trees at patuxent nursery

Fraser Fir

The Fraser Fir is the most common and popular Christmas tree. Fraser Fir trees have strong branches to hold even the heaviest ornaments. Its needles hold a dark green color on top with a silver color on the bottom, this gives a distinct “frost” look to the tree.

Fully Grown nordmann fir tree

Nordmann Fir

Nordmann Fir needles are short, dark green, soft, waxy, and radiate out from the stem. Its branches are strong, symmetrically arranged, making them good for holding heavier ornaments.  The waxy cuticle gives the tree a shiny appearance, helps prevent it from drying, and restricts putting out a fragrance.  This would be a better tree for someone with allergies.

Noble fir tree at Patuxent Nursery

Noble Fir

A hearty tree, the Noble Fir is a great Christmas tree choice with a lovely fragrance. The branches are stiffer than other trees, which means they can hold more ornaments. If you’re as much of an ornament collector as we are, a Noble Fir can help show off that collection with style. This is a great tree to make a big statement in your living room.

Live Christmas Trees

A trending new tradition among families is to bring home an uncut Christmas tree, either in a container or has its roots wrapped in burlap (B&B style). After the winter season, they take the tree outside and plant the tree on a day with mild weather. We think this is a fantastic idea if you have the space for a full-grown evergreen tree.

If you do have the space and want to help re-forest our planet one tree at a time, let Patuxent Nursery help! Come in and check out our live evergreens that will do just fine in containers through the holiday season.

white pine branches

White Pine

An Eastern White Pine can live for centuries! These trees are excellent choices for windbreaks and privacy walls on very large scales. Bring a young one home for Christmas and enjoy that heady pine scent. The branches are a little more spaced out and less firm than on a fir, so less is more if you want to put ornaments on this tree.

Full Grown Norway Spruce Tree

Norway Spruce

Norway Spruce Trees are the original Christmas tree and one boasts the title of the longest-living tree (it is in Norway and has a root system that is 9550 years old). These also make great trees to create privacy around your home, since they can grow up past 50 feet high at maturity. Keep your Christmas Tree in a container near a window and water regularly, just like you would a cut tree. Then, take it outside during mild weather and plant it where it will get lots of space and lots of light.

Full Grown Colorado Blue Spruce Christmas Tree

Blue Spruce

Blue Spruce Trees are available in dwarf varieties and sport a very handsome blue color. This unique tree will hold ornaments well and then decorate your landscaping when the holidays have passed. The pyramidal growth habit stays consistent its whole life, so you can keep wrapping the branches in lights even after it is planted for some outdoor Christmas cheer! These do best when kept cool – they may drop more needles when brought inside.

Tools for Preserving Your Christmas Tree

Don’t forget to pick up these essentials when buying your Christmas trees! Our tree stands and other tools make maintaining a tree inside easy as pie. The Watering Elf, for example, means you don’t have to dig through needles, sap, and presents in order to keep your tree hydrated. Made right here in the U.S.A, “Bowling’s Last Tree Stand” is a high-quality, heavy-duty tree stand that will last for years. Be sure to ask our sales associates about our heavy-duty tree stands.

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Christmas Tree Stands for Sale at Patuxent Nursery

Want your tree to look green and healthy this holiday season? With Pro-long’s special blend of unique compounds, it’ll ensure a healthful tree that will last the holiday season. After the holiday season, tree cleanup can be a big hassle so here at Patuxent, we carry an excellent stock of tree removal bags that make disposing of trees a breeze. Come in and the full array of tools that will make your holiday easier.

Prolong - Christmas Tree Supplies at Patuxent Nursery
Christmas Tree Removal Bags at Patuxent Nursery
Christmas Tree Supplies at Patuxent Nursery

Artificial Christmas Trees

There are a number of reasons to switch to an artificial Christmas Tree and whatever one applies to you, we’ve got you covered! Artificial Trees, aka Everlasting Trees, are made to last season. We carry a wide selection of sizes, colors, and even pre-lit trees! We stock high-quality realistic trees that look the part perfectly. Make holiday magic a breeze in your home. Please note – due to supply chain changes this year, our selection of artificial trees will be smaller than in years past. Thank you for understanding.

artificial christmas trees pre lit multiple colors
artificial christmas trees pre lit multiple colors
artificial christmas trees pre lit multiple colors
artificial christmas trees pre lit multiple colors

Christmas Gifts and Gift Cards at Patuxent Nursery

Even through the winter seasons, we are one of Maryland’s top nurseries in supplying plant material, landscaping, indoor plants and pottery, seeds, tools, and everything a gardener or home landscaper needs. Come find the perfect gift for the gardeners you love. A packet of seeds or a great trowel can really make someone’s Christmas feel special, if that’s what they get excited about! We also have gift cards available – give the gift of shopping at their favorite store!

Shop For Patuxent Gift Cards

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Come See Our Holiday Showroom at Patuxent Nursey

In addition to our live Christmas Trees we also offer greenery and wreaths, home décor, gifts,  materials for wreath decorating, poinsettias and other indoor holiday plants.

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Have questions for our staff? Looking for any gifts or decorations in particular? Contact our customer service team and let us help. Make sure to ask our team about current options for tree delivery!

    This holiday season, come visit our nursery showroom in Bowie, Maryland, and see how you too can transform your home for the holidays!