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Indoor Shoppers – Face Masks are Required to enter the Store (if you need one ask an associate and one will be provided); they are optional for vaccinated patrons

Outdoor Shoppers – Masks are Optional and Not Required, maintain social distancing with other patrons and when communicating with Staff

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Every day we welcome new customers who have found us for the first time! It is always wonderful to hear that they are so glad they made the trip to our destination nursery. Surrounded by acres of beautiful plants this is a wonderland for the gardener and novice alike. We have been growing and cultivating gorgeous flowers, grasses, trees, and shrubs for over 20 years and it shows! Our professional staff works with customers every day to guide them in the right direction on plant selection. If you would prefer more assistance you can sign up for our Garden Adviser program. If you want to hire someone to handle everything from start to finish – reach out to our Professional Landscaping department to get the job started. We want you to enjoy the outdoors and we are here to help.

fiddle leaf fig weekly special
houseplants in the sun
crape myrtle summer flowering tree
late summer flowering echinacea purple
purple flowering hydrangea in spring
delicate pink summer annual begonia
stoned border garden
white ceramic outdoor pottery
bright lawn in the spring sun

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How To: Preserve Your Cut Hydrangea Flowers

How To: Preserve Your Cut Hydrangea Flowers

The one thing that can be tricky when handling cut Hydrangea flowers is keeping them from wilting. Unfortunately, Hydrangea flowers wilt easily, but there are a few steps you can take to avoid this! Learn how to properly cut, care for, and revive your hydrangea flowers and enjoy them in your home. Want to know how to dry Hydrangea flowers? Read more...
Our Favorite Deer-Resistant Perennial Plants

Our Favorite Deer-Resistant Perennial Plants

Your ornamental plants, flowers, and shrubs in your garden should be eye candy, not the candy store for the local deer population. Although it is important to note, it is impossible to completely deer-proof a garden; you can do your best to fill it with plants known for being the least desirable to these furry forest creatures. Not only are deer-resistant perennials resistant to deer, but because they are, you increase your chances of escaping pest damage.
Our Top 10 Pet-Friendly Houseplants

Our Top 10 Pet-Friendly Houseplants

We all love the look houseplants provide in our home, but many species can be toxic to animals like cats and dogs, or as we like to call them, your “Furry Friends.” Pets are pretty much unpredictable, and you never know when they might get a sudden urge to munch on a leaf or two of your beloved houseplants. Check out our top 10 pet-safe houseplants offered at Patuxent Nursery.