Being stuck at home sucks. When you find yourself unable to get out and do everyday things like going to work, the movies and even out to dinner, things can be a little bleak and very boring. The perfect solution – get out in your garden!

Gardening has been proven to relieve stress, boost your mood, and boost your immune system. Given recent events, this is a perfect time for garden work. Here are some garden projects to get you out of your house and into your garden.

Mulching and Weeding


This is a great time to tackle the garden projects and tasks on the bottom of every gardener’s list. Mulching and weeding are important to maintaining both your lawn and garden. 

There are many benefits of mulching your garden. From preventing weeds from spreading to creating an aesthetically pleasing landscape. Read more about mulching here.

Weeds will compete with your plants for vital nutrients and water. It’s best to pull weeds after it rains – the soil will be loose and it will be easier to pull out the roots of weeds.

a good garden project - taking care of your lawn

Take Care of Your Lawn


Now is the time to take care of your lawn for Spring!

  • Rake – Gather any leaves in your yard leftover from the Fall
  • Aerate – Aeration breaks up compacted soil
  • Overseed – Fill bare or thin spots in the lawn by overseeding. When you overseed, apply a slow-release nitrogen fertilizer (Starter Fertilizer).
  • Weed – Depending on what type of weed attacks your lawn, there are different applications you can lay down. For crabgrass, apply a pre-emergent. For weeds that have already grown above ground, use a post-emergent. Be careful, if you overseed or seed, you can’t lay down a pre-emergent the same season.
  • Fertilize – Fertilizing your lawn is important to help it grow. If you are fertilizing early, you can combine with the weed application in one easy step by using a fertilizer like Lebanon Pro with Dimension®.

Get started on that veggie garden

Plant Your Spring Veggies


This is a perfect time to get those cool season vegetables like lettuce into the ground. Whether you are starting a vegetable garden from scratch or want to start planning ahead for Summer, why not start now?

Spruce up your garden with flowers

Spruce Up Your Garden Spring


Things can look a little bleak when you are stuck at home. Why not spruce up your garden with colorful flowers that also bring cheer? Try vibrant Annuals like Pansies, or plant a beautiful Perennial like Virginia Bluebell. Even if you didn’t get around to planting your bulbs last Fall, you can still enjoy Spring favorites like Tulips and Hyacinth when you plant sprouted bulbs.


Sprucing up your garden doesn’t have to include brightly colored flowers. Have a bare spot that you’re not sure what to put? Try a fountain or statue. Have a wooden bench that looks a little worse for wear? Clean it up with a fresh coat of paint or add some comfy pillows.

Tackle that big garden project you've been putting off

Tackle That Big Project


Or at least get a good running start. There’s nothing like adding in that pathway, building that fire pit, or digging out that new bed that can make you feel accomplished. For some inspiration on garden projects of your own, here are some before and after projects.