Vegetable gardening is a very rewarding (and tasty!) experience, even for the beginner! But building your first vegetable plot can be daunting. We’ll show you how to start your vegetable garden, from the ground up, and soon you’ll be on your way to tasty vegetables grown in your own garden!

Choose your plot

The first step to start your vegetable garden is choosing where your plot should go. This is a very important step – all plants, especially vegetables, have specific requirements in order to grow.

Time to till your garden

Work up your soil

Now that you’ve chosen your spot, you’re ready to work up your soil.

The #1 defense in vegetable gardening is building a fence

Protecting from pests, pets

The last step is also important – one of the top downfalls of a vegetable garden is destruction from animals and pests.

* Generally, you would not treat your vegetables for insect pests until you start to see signs on your established plants.

Now that you’ve built your plot, you’re ready to start planning your garden.

Want to start growing your seed now? We have a guide for that to!