5 Ways That Water Features Will Improve Your Home

There is nothing like coming home to a relaxing space to unwind from a long day. To create a space this is both comfortable and soothes your senses, there is one element that is essential. Your cozy outdoor space can be vastly improved just by adding a simple fountain to your home, and the best part is that you only need a small space to get started! 

We have everything from small wall fountains to large sculptural fountains, and they all have a few things in common that will increase your quality of life. Outdoor water fountains:

1. Create Calming Sounds

The bubbling sound of a small fountain and the waterfall of a large fountain, both have a calming effect. Sit out in the quiet and admire the elegant sounds, or use them as a sound barrier to block out any unwanted noise.

2. Benefit Wildlife

With all of the urbanization happening all around the U.S., local wildlife are losing access to drinking water. Birds and other wildlife benefit greatly from outdoor fountains. By adding a water feature to your landscape, this leaves you in a win-win situation. You get to see the wonderful birds drink and play in the fountain while they get access to drinking water.

Bird With Garden Fountain

3. Cool The Area They Are In

From the cool water splashing to the air movement that a fountain provides, if you are looking to create a cooler space, then consider adding a water feature! Fountains can cool an area up to 37 degrees Fahrenheit, making them the perfect centerpiece for a sitting area. Place a bench, or other outdoor furniture around a fountain to cool down your relaxation space.

4. Change Light Patterns

One of the most interesting attributes of an outdoor fountain is how the light reflects off it. Place your fountain in a sunny area and watch the light dance all around you and the surrounding area. This is a free light show that you get the pleasure of enjoying daily.

Water Reflecting Off A Fountain

5. Add A Unique Touch To Your Home

Garden fountains date back for centuries and make a timeless addition to any living space, while also adding a unique pop. From traditional tiered to original sculptures, we have a fountain for every taste!

Both beautiful and functional, water fountains are all-around beneficial to have in your landscape. We have many sizes available from small lightweight fountains to medium-sized and large fountains. Speak with our staff today about which fountain will work best for your home!

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