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If you’re looking to make some changes or additions to your landscape or garden, you might need to buy bulk mulch and gardening soil. It’s not always the most straightforward process to decide on the type and amount and then find it at an affordable rate, but you’re in luck. At Patuxent Nursery, we’re here to help you select the perfect solution.

Types of Mulch and Soil for Your Landscaping

Whether you need to buy gardening soil or mulch to freshen up your mulch beds, prepare your garden for planting, begin the gardening process for the first time or add nutrition to your established greens, you’ll find the bagged and bulk soil amendments and mulches you need from us. We offer the best prices and a massive selection, including:

  • Rubber mulchBuy Bulk Mulch Online - Patuxent Nursery
  • Black dyed mulch
  • Red dyed mulch
  • Brown dyed mulch
  • Shredded mulch
  • Bags of soil
  • Blended bulk and organic soils

Bulk Mulch

We offer tons of varieties of bulk mulch at our Bowie, MD location and can even load it for you. We sell our mulch by the cubic yard and load thousands of yards every year. What does a cubic yard look like, you may ask? We put together this short video to show you our mulch operation and give you an idea of how we sell our mulch.

  • Now Blending Bulk & Organic Soils: Patuxent Nursery is now special blending bulk soil for all of your gardening needs – all organic blends.
  • Mulch & Soil: We offer bagged and bulk mulches and soil amendments.  Freshen up your mulch beds and prepare your garden beds for planting.
  • Bagged Soil: A great garden starts with great soil. Patuxent Nursery is loaded up with all of the best selling brands of soil at the best prices. Stop by our Bowie, MD nursery today to get expert advice on the perfect soil for your garden.
  • Nutrition For Your Green Goods: Patuxent Nursery has a variety of bulk and bagged mulch & soils to give your plants the nutrition they need. We carry the best soils to make sure that your plants live a long and healthy life.
  • Rubber Mulch: Since Patuxent Nursery carries only the finest products, we stock Nuscape rubber mulch in red and brown.

Mulch Calculator

How much mulch do you need? Try this Mulch Calculator to find out! 

Challenges of Incorporating Soil and Mulch Into Landscapes

The pH of your soil is one of the essential elements of successful gardening, but many people overlook it. It’s a challenge, but we offer soil kits so that you’re ready to garden without damaging or risking your plants. Checking the pH of your soil is an important, but often overlooked part of gardening. This step really is very easy and with this video and the soil kits available through Patuxent Nursery’s online store, you’ll be ready to garden in no time! Keeping your plants fresh and making sure they have the nutrients they need will ensure you’re able to keep them alive and thriving for years to come. You may also face harsh weather conditions in your area, poor soil conditions, pests or many other challenges.

No matter what issues you encounter in your landscape, you have a team of experts at Patuxent Nursery who will help you come up with answers to your hardest questions. We have the experience to help you improve your garden even if you’ve been working with soil, mulch and plants for years. Two heads are better than one, and we’ll use ours to assist you in locating and purchasing the perfect mulch and soil products within your budget.

How Much Soil and Mulch Do You Need?

You might be asking, “How much mulch and garden soil do I need?” It’s not always the most straightforward question to answer, but we’ll help you with our mulch calculator. We consider standard depth along with the length, width and depth of your specific area. You can also visit us and talk to us about your area. We’ll determine what the best solution is for your goals and help you make a decision.

Once you know what soil or mulch you want to buy, we’ll provide a quality option from our extensive inventory. We sell by the cubic yard, and our customers purchase thousands of yards per year. We promise that both you and your plants will be happy with the decision, no matter how vast your landscape is.

Visit Us in Bowie or Contact Us Today for Your Soil and Mulch Needs

At Patuxent Nursery, we’re committed to seeing your plants live a long and happy life in the soil and mulch that’s best for them. We also stock a wide variety of quality plants. Visit us at our large Bowie, MD nursery to browse our garden center.

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