Why Mulch?

Behind every great garden or landscape is an even greater layer of mulch. Acting as a barrier between your lawn and potentially damaging outside forces, mulch is mainly used to retain moisture and prevent weeds from sprouting. Whether you’re planning a flower or vegetable garden, mulch becomes a source of nourishment for your garden beds as it breaks down over time. Beyond its practical use, mulch also enhances curb appeal by keeping your yard tidy and dividing your garden into specific sections. There are many different types of mulch, which vary in material and color but all serve to give you the best possible landscape!

When to Apply Mulch?

Fall is the best season to apply mulch because, like a blanket, it prepares and protects gardens for the upcoming cold, snow, and general harsh winter weather. Spreading mulch in the fall also ensures that it is ready to go by the start of the spring season, when many plants and flowers begin to emerge again. 

How Much Mulch? 

Area in square feet x desired depth of mulch = square feet of mulch needed


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