Gravel is a great multi-purpose material for landscaping, hardscaping and construction. It comes in many sizes and colors, helps prevent erosion, and can be a handsome addition to your home design projects. There is gravel available that’s right for your needs, from zen gardens to driveways, garden paths to rain gardens, parking lots, decks, and even mulching in some cases. 

How much gravel do you need? That entirely depends on the space you are looking to fill and the depth it needs to be. Bulk gravel is sold and delivered in trucks by cubic feet. Bagged gravel and stone is often sold by the weight of each bag, but each bag will typically cover a specific amount of cubic feet, making it easy to calculate how many bags are needed. 

Width of area to be covered x Length of area to be covered x Desired Depth of Gravel layer. 

For example:

1 yards (3 ft) x 5 yards (15 ft) x 2 inches (0.16 ft (or .0556 yards)) =  2.4 cubic yards (7.2 cu ft)

For our pea gravel, which is $71.00 per cubic yard, you’ll need to spend $170.40  – this is a great example of a nice gravel pathway through your garden. 

Below are listed some of the gravel and bulk stone options we sell at Patuxent Nursery. Call or Email our team today for a bulk delivery quote. 

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The perfect gravel or rock cobble can change the look of your home or landscaping project instantly, so we want to make sure you have exactly what you need. 

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