Less is More for Your Flower Garden

Benefits of Biodegradable Pots

In our plastic-taxed world today we need to find a way to shrink our man-made footprint! At Patuxent Nursery, this has been on our minds for several years. We have been working towards a biodegradable pot that can be planted in the ground and will break down in the soil leaving the soil in better condition.

Starting in the spring of 2019, we will be using an Ecco pot that is made from recycled non-printed paper that is coated with vegetable oil extract! These pots are meant to be planted by just pulling off the bottom of the pot and crumbling it into the hole you are planting. Simply put the plant and pot in the hole and pack the soil tight, eliminating cleanup time and mess!

Biodegradable Pot

A Better Mix of Soil

Patuxent Nursery will be working towards eliminating vermiculite from our annual grow mix (vermiculite is a non-renewable resource that is typically brought in from Europe or South America). The new renewable soil amendment is called Hydra Fiber and it consists of Southern Yellow Pine that is micro-shredded and ground and then mixed 50/50 with peat to create a great growing media for annuals.

We will be testing with annuals in the hopes to switch over to this new soil mix in the future for our perennials as well. Southern Yellow Pine is fast growing, native, and easily renewable! This mix has more air per cubic inch which is great for stronger and faster root growth. This mix is also denser which will cut down on water usage!

Biodegradable Pot
Biodegradable Pot

At Patuxent Nursery, it is our mission to continue to look for ways to cut down on plastic and non-renewable resources!