Imagine for a second; you’re sitting back on your lounge with the sun going down; no sound but the water cascading from your waterfall. There is something exceptionally tranquil about the presence of water in a landscape area. Creating this perfect getaway is much easier than you think, and does not have to break the bank.

Ready to Install:

We have a wide array of outdoor fountain choices here at Patuxent. With a variety of designs from modern to whimsical, and materials from concrete to glass, we have what you need to add movement and serenity to your yard. When making your purchase, ask about our delivery and set-up services for a no-hassle experience.

Traditional Water Fountain:

A classic and regal addition to any backyard. Surround it with plants and masonry for landscape element that demands attention.

Modern Water Fountain:

A sleek, modern twist on the traditional garden fountain with clean lines and angles, accented by a simple stream of water.

Table Top Fountains:

Don’t have space for a large centerpiece fountain? No problem. These compact versions bring all the brilliance of the full-sized fountains, but you can put them wherever you see fit. 


Although this can be replicated as built-in, we offer a water wall fountain that is more relaxing than ever. Watch the water cascade down the stones and let it wash away your stress.


Get lost in the quiet babble that emanates from this fountain. The beautiful design and movement captivate you in a dream you won’t want to wake up from.

Bird Baths:

Not only does this provide the charming design and soothing sounds that come with having a fountain, but it is beneficial for nature and draws beautiful birds right to your back yard.

Wall Fountain:

These fountains secure into the side of your house to look like you planned this beauty all along.

Creating your own Water Garden:

Natural water gardens are low maintenance and beautiful. The submerged plants are the perfect habitat for frogs, fish, and other welcome critters. When choosing which plants to put in your garden, be sure to choose only native plants. In addition, if you do decide to put fish in your pond, make sure your plants are non-toxic and a natural food source for the swimmers.

If you have a smaller space, you can consider a container or smaller pond that will be more manageable. If you have space, a more significant feature is an unbeatable focal point for your yard and the perfect way to submerge yourself in nature. 

Here are some basic steps when creating a DIY water garden:

1. Plant out your water garden on level ground. Dig your hole 24 to 36 inches deep with sloping slides. Use masonry and pavers to create this shape. Lay butyl down, so the pond holds its water.

2. Install a low flow pump to keep the water moving, and the bacteria levels down. 

3. On the very bottom, submerge a planter. Here, you can place your fully aquatic plants that can survive underwater. These include hornwort, Cabomba, Hairgrass, Horsegrass, Equisetum hyemale, and more.

4. Lay down some bricks or stone to create another level that is 5 to 10 inches below the surface of the water. Your edging plants will live here. Some examples that we have at Patuxent nursery include Lucerne blue-eyed grass, Cattails, Tussock Sedge, and Pink Pickerel Rush.

5. Your final level of plants will be your floating plants. These plants lay on the surface of the water, creating shade below and absorb nutrients that would otherwise create algae blooms and bacteria. Some examples are Lotus, Frog Bit, Water Hyacinth, and Water Lettuce. Some species of floating plants produce beautiful flowers that will add color to your gardenscape.

Surround the area with other plants like shrubs and perennials, hard surfaces like boulders, small rocks, and pebbles, and artistic additions like benches and statues.

All of the different levels, textures, and colors will create an eye-catching attraction that will blend into the natural space and look like it was always there.

Additional features such as a waterfall or fountain are perfect additions to your water garden. 

If you like the natural rock look but are not sure if a water garden is for you, there are plenty of alternatives. Creating a backyard waterfall can be a stunning way to incorporate a sloping yard or create privacy when the neighbors are a little too close. Stacking stones, boulders, and plants with a bit of help from a pump and collection pond will create a customizable attraction.

Consult with the experts at Patuxent Nursery to design and install your backyard oasis. 

Thank you for reading and we'll see you in the garden!