Better Your Backyard Design With Water Features

Imagine for a second that you are lounging in your backyard with the sun going down; no sound but the water cascading from your fountain. There is something exceptionally tranquil about the presence of water in a landscape area.

From the look of their water glistening in the sunshine to the sweet trickling sounds they make, no garden is complete without a water feature. They bring serenity to an area, even at night. There is nothing more timeless than enjoying an illuminated fountain at night.

Not only will you be a big fan of your water feature, but your local birds will also thank you! By adding a water feature to your landscape, you are creating a resource for birds to enjoy fresh water. You are able to enjoy an array of colorful birds while listening to their sweet chirping in your own backyard!

Creating this perfect getaway is much easier than you think, and you can get started today!

Water Feature

Ready To Install Water Features:

We have a wide array of fountain choices here at Patuxent. With a variety of designs from modern to whimsical, and materials from concrete to glass, we have what you need to add movement and serenity to your home. When making your purchase, ask about our delivery and set-up services for a no-hassle experience.

Bird Bath

Types Of Water Features:

Choosing a water feature can often feel overwhelming. Breaking down the different types of water features can help you choose which will fit your needs best. We offer:

Traditional Tiered Fountains:

A classic and timeless addition to any backyard. Although these fountains are typically circular, we also have rectangular options as well. Surround this focal point with plants and masonry for landscape element that demands attention.

Sculptural Water Fountain:

A sleek, modern twist on the traditional garden fountain with clean lines, angles, and curves that are accented by a simple stream of water. Sculptural fountains add an artistic and unique touch to any home.

Floor And Wall Fountains:

Don’t have space for a large centerpiece fountain? No problem. These compact versions bring all the brilliance of the full-sized fountains, but you can put them almost anywhere. These fountains can also be secured into the side of your house to look like they were built right in.

Lightweight Fountains:

If you are searching for a versatile fountain that you are able to move at your leisure, then check out our lightweight fountains. These fountains give you the option to switch up where and how you want to display them. If your style changes, then no worries! Your fountain can easily be moved to fit any theme you are feeling.

Bird Baths:

Not only do bird baths provide the charming designs and soothing sounds that come with having a fountain, but they are also beneficial for nature and draw beautiful birds right to your backyard. We have a large selection from traditional concrete to glass and even lightweight options!

Water Fountain

Water Features At Patuxent Nursery

We have tons of indoor and outdoor water features for you to explore, each offering different aesthetics to your home. Speak with our staff today about which water features will work best for your home!

Thank you for reading, and we’ll see you in the garden!

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