How to Treat Lawn Fungus

Treating Lawn Fungus - Patuxent Nursery

Have you ever noticed some browning spots on your lawn? Or maybe some mushrooms have been popping up. Chances are you have a lawn fungus and you don’t even know it. The conditions around Maryland have been ripe for lawn fungus, so now is the time to treat and prevent against lawn fungus.

How to Tell if You Have Lawn Fungus

There are a few signs of lawn fungus that you may be already seeing but not know exactly what it is or the cause. Some of the more common signs of lawn fungus:

  • White, yellow or brown patches or rings
  • Thin patches of frayed or discolored grass
  • Black, grey, orange, red or purple spots
  • Areas of darkened, wet, slimy or greasy looking grass.

Fungus is also likely to grow under conditions we’ve been experiencing lately – drastic heating up and cooling temperatures, grass staying in water, standing water on top of soil – also, snow can cause fungus during the winter months that you don’t even see until the spring. Given the weather conditions lately, it is best for you to consider treating your lawn for a fungus – especially if you see any telltale signs.

Best Fungicide Treatments for Your Lawn

infuse by bonide for treating lawn fungus - Patuxent NurseryWe recommend granular treatments. Hose end treatments don’t make sense as you’re just adding more water. We carry and recommend Infuse from Bonide – 1 bag of this covers 5,000 square feet. You can apply as a preventative and as a curative measure, and one application will last for 30 days.

If you’re concerned about mold in your garden, you can use a fungicide there as well if needed. We recommend RoseRx for the garden. This is an organic fungicide, miticide and insecticide all in one.

If your lawn is in real disrepair, you may consider dethatching. This is a natural and preventative method and will help fight against fungus growth. If you are looking for more advice on lawn fungus growth or prevention, contact one of our lawn care specialists for more specific information.



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