Protect Your Hardscape this Winter

Winter weather can hurt your paved surfaces if you’re not careful. Even if you can’t use your patio for a few months, you still want to protect your investment by preparing for winter weather. This can eliminate unnecessary damage and prolong the life of your pavers.

Tips for Protecting Your Hardscape

Pick Your Ice Melt Carefully

Protect Your Hardscapes this Winter - Patuxent Nursery

Be sure to use calcium chloride ice melt, which will melt ice and keep you safe, while at the same time protect your pavers. It can also be used on concrete. Sand is also a good alternative to use on your pavers.

Sweep Your Pavers

Sweeping off your pavers reduces excess pressure on your pavers and can help remove snow and ice that comes and goes during the melt and refreeze cycle. It will help keep them dry and prevent wear and tear.

Rinse Your Pavers on Warmer Days

Take advantage of warmer winter days by rinsing off any debris to clean your walkways and patios. If you can let the snow and ice melt naturally it will be better for your pavers than if you were to chip away at it. Pull any and all weeds so they don’t get big enough to cause cracks and possibly separate your pavers.

Protect Your Hardscape this Winter - Patuxent Nursery

Shovel Safely

If you must use a shovel, use a rubber-edge one. Avoid shovels with metal blades that can scratch or even chip your pavers. This will help avoid cracking or damaging your hardscape. Ideally, use a snow blower rather than a shovel if at all possible. Don’t blow away snow on top of your pavers or patios though as this will cause undue pressure on them.

Clear All Drains

Keep all outdoor drains clear and open so that snow and debris don’t pile up on top of your pavers.

Take these simple steps to protect your hardscapes this winter so that when spring does arrive you are ready to enjoy your patio and your outdoor living space.

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