Enhance Your Wood Furniture With Boiled Linseed Oil

Keep your wood furniture looking brand new for years to come with Sunnyside Boiled Linseed Oil. It will bring the grain out in your wood, protect it, and make it look brand new again!

Boiled Linseed Oil Before And After

What Is Boiled Linseed Oil?

Boiled Linseed Oil is actually not boiled at all. It is chemically altered raw Linseed Oil that has been enhanced to dry faster, be thinner, and be less sticky. 

Raw Linseed Oil can take weeks to dry, while Boiled Linseed Oil only takes a couple of days. Traditional Linseed Oil is much thicker and can remain sticky for years. Boiled Linseed Oil is much thinner so it better absorbs into the wood and is chemically altered for the oil finish to not be sticky.

Applying Boiled Linseed Oil

How To Apply Boiled Linseed Oil

Applying Boiled Linseed Oil may seem intimidating, but it is actually one of the easiest wood finishes to apply!

What Can You Apply Boiled Linseed Oil To?

If your wood furniture needs a refresh, then it needs Boiled Linseed Oil. This oil is the best for bringing out the wood grain and natural finish of your furniture. Make your old furniture appear brand new and be better protected for the future!

Although there are many surfaces you can use this oil finish on, due to its chemical properties Boiled Linseed Oil is not food safe. It is not recommended to use on food surfaces (such as wood cutting boards).

Steps To Apply Boiled Linseed Oil

Before applying Boiled Linseed Oil, it is important to treat your wood. Start by sanding down your wood surface with sandpaper that has a grit of around 180.

Next, you want to raise the grain of your wood surface. This is done by dampening the surface with either a wet cloth or a spray bottle. Let the surface dry and then sand it again with a grit between 180-220.

Once those steps are complete, then it is time to apply. It is best to use either a soft clean rag, a grey scotch brite pad, or a piece of #0000 steel wool pad. You can apply the product directly to the applicator you choose, but it is better to put a small amount in a bowl and dip the applicator in. This method wastes less product and gives you better control.

It is a good practice to start in a small unnoticeable area to get started. When applying, move in a circular motion, fully saturate the wood, and remove any excess.

Your surface should appear wet, but if there are any puddles make sure to spread that product around. Once your surface is evenly wet, let it dry. After a few hours, you may notice some bubbles. Wipe away any bubbles you see.

Once your surface is dry to the touch and smooth, you can begin applying a second and third coat. Very lightly sand before reapplying with sandpaper that has a grit of around 400-600 and follow the grain of the wood while sanding. Do not sand too much or it will get rid of the previous layer.

Typically you would want to apply three coats. After you have laid down the final coat, do not sand.

Give your furniture a few days for the Boiled Linseed Oil to dry. Temperature, humidity levels, and weather will affect the drying time, but usually, it will dry between 1-3 days. 

On average, it takes 30-45 days for it to fully cure, but you can use your furniture moderately before then.

Application Safety

Since Boiled Linseed Oil has been chemically altered, it is important to be safe while using it. Keep away from children and properly dispose of your applicator once finished.

Never ball up a rag after use. Balling up a rag causes the rag to absorb oxygen which can start a chemical reaction that causes the Boiled Linseed Oil to heat up and spontaneously combust. Let it either dry flat or hang dry away from any flammable objects.

Store Boiled Linseed Oil in a metal container. It can be in a plastic container for a short period of time, but long term it should be kept in a metal container.

Boiled Linseed Oil application

Where To Find Boiled Linseed Oil

Stop by today to pick up some Boiled Linseed Oil to refresh your old furniture, or check out our new wood furniture you can protect with it. Boiled Linseed Oil is a must-have product in every woodworker’s workshop, and it should be in yours as well. Enhance your furniture today!

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