You’re a weekend DIY warrior and you’re ready for your next project. With warm weather approaching, you’re mulling over the idea of installing a new paver patio. There are a ton of articles online with instructions for getting this job done. While you certainly can do it yourself, the bigger question is, should you?

Your new paver patio will enhance your outdoor living space so you can entertain family and friends and spend more time outdoors. But, putting in your own patio is NOT a weekend project. Shoveling, planning, designing, selecting pavers, hiring a crew, getting the equipment together and weather conditions can make your patio project last months instead of days. Plus, it takes a lot of strength and stamina to operate the equipment needed to install a patio. Hiring an expert will ensure that your patio will be installed quickly and correctly, while designed to fit your budget, space, and lifestyle.

How Long Do You Want Your Patio to Last?

Most DIYers tend to use pavers from big box home improvement stores. While these products are affordable, they are lighter in weight than contractor pavers and are not designed to last long term. Contractor pavers are much heavier and can be more difficult for a homeowner to get into a bed of a pickup than the pavers at the big box stores. Pavers can easily shift and crack if they are not installed correctly. It would be heartbreaking to invest the time and money into the project only to have it fall apart.

Patuxent Nursery's Natural Stone & Paver Yard - Eagle Bay Pavers, Bowie, MD

Putting in a patio is not impossible, but it isn’t a project you should take lightly. Do your homework and see what you’re comfortable with taking on. Patuxent Nursery carries contractor grade pavers from Eagle Bay and Cambridge and we’re happy to help you pick out the best product for your project. And, we deliver!

Our Paver & Stone Yard

If after you’ve done your research and you decide to contract the job out to a professional, you can contact our Custom Landscaping Department to get a quote for design and installation.

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