How To Care For Your Outdoor Furniture

If you have a deck area outside of your home, you should feel truly lucky. It makes for a great spot to retreat after a tiring day at work and just relax, or hold a party with some relatives and friends there. Take your time to design a comfortable and good looking area outside of your home, and you will greatly benefit from the opportunities it presents.

If there is one thing you should know about designing a deck area in your backyard, it is that you should be careful of the furniture you pick for it. Invest in quality furniture that can withstand the elements and you will have yourself the perfect place to escape for some peace and quiet quality time or the convenient equipment to sit your guests on when they come for a visit. Apart from equipping your deck area with the right furniture, you also need to consider proper maintenance and cleaning service for it. This will prolong its life and save you from potential problems, which may ultimately require you to replace the furniture and waste money on a replacement set much sooner than you’d expect.

How to Care For and Clean Different Types of Outdoor Furniture









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Caring for Plastic Outdoor Furniture

One of the reasons why plastic furniture is so preferred is that it is cheap. Another one is that it is among the least demanding types of outdoor furniture in terms of maintenance and cleaning service. All you will ever need is a bucket of warm water mixed with baking soda and a sponge to get the furniture clean and sanitized with ease. Keep in mind that there is always the risk of mildew and mold, so be ready to introduce a mix of one part bleach and four parts water. This works great for white-colored furniture, whereas for other colors you can replace the bleach with white vinegar.

Caring for Metal Outdoor Furniture

In order to get the shine back to your metal and wrought iron furniture, you can introduce some mild dishwashing solution you can use in your home cleaning chores and warm water – a lot of stains and other spoils on the furniture can be cleaned that way. Simply scrub with a brush and rinse clean with water. Properly dry with a clean cloth before you expose the furniture to direct sunlight. If you see rust on your furniture, you have to take care of it quickly before the issue escalates. Work with fine sandpaper and apply primer.

Caring for Wooden Outdoor Furniture

A simple, soapy solution works great for wood furniture. Just spray and clean with a cloth. The same means you use in your patio cleaning also apply for wood— you can effectively remove dust and dirt through jet washing. Teak furniture can be cleaned with an all natural cleaner.

Caring for Fabric Outdoor Furniture

Do not forget about your fabric covers and cushions. It is likely that they will get dirty over time, so make sure you clean them often. Regular machine washing with an all natural cleaner works the best for the furniture and the environment such as Simple Green.

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    That’s some great info on caring for outdoor furniture. I had no idea that you could throw those outdoor cushions in the washer. With my girls toddling around cushions tend to get sticky. Next time I clean them I’ll make sure to just throw them in the washer.

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