Benefits of a Seasonal Clean-Up for Your Yard

It might still be winter but now is the perfect time to start thinking about getting a seasonal clean-up for your yard. Not sure if your yard needs a spring clean-up? Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of a seasonal clean-up:

A Spring clean-up from Patuxent Nursery is customized to each properties needs but always includes the following 4 items:

1. Removal of Leaves, Weeds, Twigs and Obvious Debris

Not only does this improve the appearance of the yard there are also horticultural benefits. While some thatched leaves are good for the turf, too much may prevent sunlight from reaching the turf causing it to die out. Composted leaves in the beds are beneficial but excess leaves may harbor fungal diseases.

2. Trimming of Shrubs and Branches and Pruning Back Perennials

Trimming back shrubs helps maintain a tidy appearance throughout the season and often helps flowering shrubs bloom more profusely. During the winter, wind and ice may damage tree branches. Careful pruning can remove dangerous limbs and help improve tree health. Perennials are awesome because they come back every year but they do need to be trimmed back before new growth begins.

3. Edging of Planting Beds

At Patuxent, we create a deep edge around beds and trees. This is often the difference between an average looking landscape and professionally maintained property. A deep edge helps define the beds from the turf areas. This makes all the difference in curb appeal. The turf and the beds both look better and maintenance is easier throughout the season.

4. Mulching Beds

Applying a layer of mulch not only helps the beds look better but it improves the health of the plants. Mulch adds additional organic material to the beds and helps retain moisture for the plants. When mulching, around trees especially, you may need to remove accumulated layers of mulch. Excess mulch around and touching the base of the tree can be damaging.

The basics of a seasonal clean-up will allow you to enjoy the beauty of your yard without the time-consuming labor.

Experts in Seasonal Yard Clean-Up

Before a proposal is written we always do a site visit with our clients to determine the needs of the property and the owner. The site visit is a great time to explore other options for your yard you may not have thought of. Many owners see the benefit of having a Landscape Design so they can improve the property in a series of well-planned projects.

A professional Spring seasonal clean-up is a great start for your landscape, allowing you to enjoy your private paradise.

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    1. Rockford Johnson Reply

      Great post! I learned a lot about the benefits of seasonal clean up for my yard by reading this article. I really like how you explained that “Trimming back shrubs helps maintain a tidy appearance throughout the season and often helps flowering shrubs bloom more profusely.” My parents have their lawn maintenanced regularly by professionals and they have said that it has helped them to keep a good, clean, professional look.

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