Nothing heralds the coming of Spring quite like a freshly mulched yard. But mulch isn’t just for aesthetics; it is also very beneficial to your plants and soils. Here are just 6 reasons you should mulch this Spring:

  • Mulch helps improve soil moisture and prevents plants from drying out too quickly.
  • Mulch helps reduce soil erosion and soil compaction.
  • Mulch helps maintain optimal soil temperatures by creating a barrier from the heat and cold.
  • Mulch helps increase soil nutrition as it decomposes by improving soil structure, thus providing better drainage and better use of nutrients.
  • Mulch helps reduce weeds that can steal nutrients from your plants (and lets face it, weeds are ugly and unwanted).
  • Mulch helps protect shallow-root plants from freeze damage and frost-heave.

Be careful not to use too much mulch as that can create a layer that doesn’t decompose or allow for root growth. The soil can become so compacted water and nutrients can’t penetrate to the roots. This is easily avoided by stripping off as much of the old mulch and then adding a fresh layer each year.  Keep your mulch around 3 inches deep, making sure to keep it away from the trunk of trees or shrubs.

Talk to Mulch Experts in Bowie, MD

Spring mulching is best done BEFORE new bulbs and perennials start popping up. What kind of mulch you use depends on you – where you live, your budget and your preference. Our experienced staff can help you choose the best mulch for your yard.

Not sure how much mulch you need? Check out our video and mulch calculator!

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  1. Jen Pack Reply

    My husband and I are in the process of building our dream home, and the next step is to design the landscaping. We have been trying to decide the different materials we want to use, so I appreciate this information about mulch. I like how you point out that mulch helps increase soil nutrition as it decomposes, which provides better drainage and better use of the nutrients within the mulch itself. Something that is very important to my husband and I is getting the most out of everything we spend our money on, and it sounds like mulch really is a material that would help us accomplish that in our yard. Thanks again for the information!

  2. Felicia McCollough Reply

    The information that is given about the
    mulch is very helpful. I never considered
    the nutrition from it being useful to the
    soil. I did know about the protection it
    gives during the various seasons. I love
    gardening and these tips are very helpful.
    I enjoy coming to Patuxent for my plants
    and flowers. The staff is always very helpful. I appreciate the helpful information given in this article.

  3. Claire Masters Reply

    Thanks for informing me that mulching can help reduce the number of weeds on your property. My uncle asked me to manage the woodlands within his estate while he is away on a vacation. I don’t know much about it so I think it might be best if I just hire a professional who can help me with timber management.

  4. Claire Masters Reply

    I didn’t know that mulching can reduce overall weed growth in a yard. I’ve been thinking of planting some herbs in my garden but I don’t know if I would have the time to maintain it. I hope I can find a mulching service soon to help me with this despite my busy schedule.

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