When we walk outside into our yard it is always nice to have a little privacy.  But not everyone likes the expense or the look of traditional fencing. Over the years, we have had countless customers looking for creative ways to add privacy to their yards with trees and shrubs. Trees and shrubs create a natural barrier that not only looks beautiful, it is also functional. Here are some of our tried and true tips for adding screens to your yard with fast growing privacy trees and shrubs:

Tip #1  – Add a Beautiful Screening Buffer of Evergreens

This is often the most efficient way to screen out the neighbor.  The best trees for this by popularity are Leyland Cypress, Green Giant Arborvitae, Emerald Green Arborvitae, White Pine and Spruce trees.  Space is the main factor in determining which tree is best for you. The Leyland Cypress, Green Giant Arborvitae, White Pine and Spruce Tree will get very large and need more space than the Emerald Green Arborvitae.  Growth time is also a main concern to consider many customers want their buffer to grow very fast and while nothing is immediate, Leyland Cypress and Green Giant Arborvitae are both very fast growing trees and this is the main reason they are the most popular of all the screening evergreens.


Tip #2 – Create a Privacy Hedge with Shrubs

Shrubs can be added create a hedge row around both a small patio and a fence line to offer privacy. Some of the most popular shrubs used for hedges are Photinia, Euonymus, Barberry and Boxwood.  These shrubs can also be planted in pots and placed as a screen directly on a patio.
photinia hedge

Tip #3– Use Garden Pots to Create a Mobile Screen

Tall garden pots can be used in a smaller yard where a buffer of evergreens might not be easily accomplished. Depending on where you live and the season, you can add palm trees in the summer, grasses in the fall and evergreens in the winter to keep a beautiful green backdrop throughout the year.

bamboo pots

Interested in creating your own privacy screen with fast-growing trees and shrubs? Stop by Patuxent Nursery and our knowledgeable team will help you every step of the way.

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