Everyone wants the greenest lawn on the block. But with the unpredictable weather we’ve had this past month, your lawn may be looking…dismal. Don’t worry, we have remedies to get your grass looking fresh as can be while also preventing critters from overtaking your outdoor living space and gardens. Here is a list from our lawn care team about what lawn care products you should be using to ensure a healthy, bug and fungus free lawn this summer.

Mosquito Control

Why? Between the excess water on lawns, and the recent heat makes this the perfect breeding weather for mosquitoes. We recently shared our top mosquito treatments, so be sure to treat your lawn and garden accordingly to prevent these pests from disrupting your summer fun.

Insect Control

Why? All this heat causes eggs to hatch and well, no one likes the bugs who eat their garden or ruin their flowers. You want a treatment that will prevent fleas, crickets, weavils, centipedes, chinch bus, ticks and aphids at the very least. Those are the bugs most likely to cause gardening grievances.


If you’re seeing brown spots or mushrooms are popping up, chances are you have lawn fungus. Treating it now will not only kill the fungus but will also take care of preventing it from coming back. Some of our favorite fungicides include Bonneem, RoseRx, and Seranade. These three options are not only organic but also serve double duty as insect control products as well. Who doesn’t love double duty when it comes to lawn care?


If you have any other questions about lawn care and what’s keeping your lawn from being the greenest on the block, join us for our seminar on diagnosing your lawn care issues on June 22nd at 5:30pm.

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