Trees are the cornerstone of any well-planned landscape. Evergreen trees can create a fantastic dark backdrop for highlighting the colors and textures of smaller plants! Trees add gorgeous spring flowers, cooling summer shade, and brilliant fall colors to the landscape. Imagine your family relaxing in the cool shade of an oak tree on a hot summer day while enjoying sweet summer peaches from the fruit trees you planted!

Trees add beauty and permanence to the landscape and will serve many utilitarian purposes. Any unsightly areas around you can be blocked out by planting evergreen trees. By planting trees, you can recreate habitats and food sources for local wildlife that has been displaced while building your home.

As a bonus, did you know you can reduce your utility bills by planting trees? Your utility bills can be reduced because trees create shade from the hot sun and block the cold winter winds from reaching your home.

The benefits of planting trees are endless. We invite you to visit us and allow our highly trained staff to help you decide which trees best suit your purpose and location. We specialize in premium-grade material, meaning bigger mature trees and the best selection!

“Someone’s sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree long ago.” – Warren Buffett

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Redbud Trees

Redbud Midnight Express

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Dogwood Appalachian Snow

Flowering Cherry Trees

Cherry Kawanzan

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