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Whether you are searching for privacy trees, evergreen screening trees, shade trees, or flowering ornamental trees you will find what you are looking for at Patuxent Nursery. We specialize in premium grade material, and that means bigger trees and the best selection!

We source trees from across the country, only from the best wholesale tree farms. Our relationships with top wholesale nurseries span across 20 years, which means we can stand confidently behind our quality and be aggressive with the savings we offer our customers.

Explore our collections below for an in-depth look at some of the types of trees we sell.

To see our current inventory of top quality trees, visit us in Bowie, Maryland!

row of arborvitae trees making a wall
norway Spruce trees with cones
branches of a tree blocking out sunlight overhead
fruit apples on an apple tree branch
flowering autumnalis cherry tree branches with flowers
Red Maple Branches

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    THE Winter Planting Guide You Need

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    Best Boxwood Shrubs For Maryland

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