With temperatures dropping and morning frost coming more often, it’s time for some winter preparation. Patuxent Nursery is stocked with Ice Melt, Shovels and Bulk Salt to help you get through this winter safely.

Ice Melt

Ice melt is the perfect way to preemptively prepare for winter. If you have ice melt on hand, you’ll be ready for that first big storm before it even happens. Apply a layer of ice melt to your sidewalks and driveways before the storm and you’ll greatly cut down on the amount of ice that forms around your home.

Ice Melt for winter preparation at Patuxent Nursery


Forget the ice melt? No problem! We also have plenty of shovels in stock that work wonders for clearing your driveways and sidewalks. We recommend using both ice melt and a sturdy shovel to secure your walkways.

snow shovels at Patuxent Nursery

Bulk Salt

Have a little more area to cover? Patuxent Nursery has bulk salt available and even optional delivery services. Bulk salt is a cost effective way to prepare your home or neighborhood for winter. When you have a large area to cover, be a pro and go to Patuxent Nursery for bulk salt. Stay safe this winter season!

bulk salt at Patuxent Nursery