Patuxent Nursery is a fully stocked garden center with all the latest lawn and garden tools and supplies you need to create and maintain the ultimate outdoor living space. Keep your lawn lush, green and weed free with lawn care supplies from Patuxent Nursery. Here you can find lawn and garden options designed for any climate, any season, including organic lawn supplies, fungicides, fertilizer, soil conditioners, garden tools and garden apparel. We also carry a full line of lawn care supplies such as sprayers, grass seed and crab grass preventers, as well as garden hoses, sprinklers and other watering supplies.

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Coast of Maine Soils
I Must Garden Repellents
Liquid Fence

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Liquid Fence

Protect your home and lawn from critters with Liquid Fence. This product protects your home and garden from deer, rabbits, and other pests. Best of all, Liquid Fence works on scent, so deer and rabbits don’t even need to take a bite of your garden to be repelled. This great product is rain resistant and in stock now at Patuxent Nursery.

Earth Box

Earth Box allows you to grow all of your veggies in one pot with great success!Earth Box is a great value and allows you to grow anything in your back yard, patio, or even the deck of your apartment! Even areas with poor soil can thrive with an Earth Box! Proven in the lab and on the farm, you get “great results no matter what color your thumb is,” because this maintenance-free growing system controls soil conditions, eliminates guesswork, and more than doubles the yield of a conventional garden—with less fertilizer, less water, and virtually no effort. Just add plants, water, and sunlight for an easy garden that requires no digging, no weeding, and no guesswork!

Grass Seed

Biotone ensures that all of your plants in your garden beds thrive thanks to a feeding at the roots when you plant them. Chicken manure is a gentle fertilizer that adds organic matter and calcium into your soil. Corn Gluten is a child and pet friendly weed preventer and gentle lawn food in one. We offer Greenview grass seed, fertilizers, and accelerator to make sure that your lawn is lush and green season to season and for years to come.

Love your lawn, love your soil and Mag-I-Cal are your secret weapon to attaining a fantastic picture worthy lawn. A great lawn starts with the health of your soil! J Green Organic insect Control is a pet and child friendly insecticide that is applied monthly. We have a full selection of repepllents to keep all of the critter nuisances away.

Fox Farm Hydroponic Products

Foxfarm is a full line of fertilizer for hydroponics and soil based plants. From Happy Frog to Marine cuisine, they offer a wide range of plant soils, fertilizers, and care essentials for the growth and vitality for all of your plants.

Jonathon Green Organic

Organic gardening means that you’re using non-synthetic lawn and garden supplements. This method of gardening removes artificial items from your garden and allows your plants to thrive naturally.

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Grass Seed

Fall is a very importunity time for the growth of your lawn. Fall is when you set the tone for how your lawn will fare the winter, and dictate how strong it will grow back in the Spring. Although, many people think Spring is the best time to put down grass seed; Fall is the ideal time, since you’re allowing your grass to develop a strong root system over the winter.


If by the time Fall comes around and you would like to stimulate the growth of your lawn, we recommend GreenView’s Fairway Formula to repair the damage of the hot summer sun. This fertilizer also promotes excellent root growth to allow your lawn to last throughout the cold of winter. This particular fertilizer uses slow release nitrogen to give your lawn a chance to fight the harsh winter.
How to Correctly Apply Fall Fertilizer

Leaf Control Lawn Food

To ensure that your lawn is only growing rich healthy grass, and not becoming a growing center for weeds; GreenView has a product to eliminate dicot weeds. Leaf Control Lawn Food fertilizes your lawn while pre-emptively discouraging the growth of weeds. This product works excellent in early Fall, while your weeds are growing.

Weed Beater Ultra

Sometimes you need to take care of the weeds in your lawn after they’ve already had a chance to sprout. For those times, Weed Beater Ultra by Bonide is the supplement for the task. This product targets broadleaf weeds and eradicates them from your lawn without stimulating the growth of your existing grass.


Grass Seed

If you are very careful, and stay on top of your watering schedule, you can plant grass seed in the Spring. We recommend the Fall, so your grass has time to establish a root system before the heat of Summer; but diligent gardeners can grow excellent grass in Spring.

Crabgrass Control

Stop crab grass before it has a chance to grow with GreenView’s Crabgrass Control blend. This Lawn Food promotes the growth of your lawn, while discouraging the growth of crabgrass and other grassy weeds. The slow release nitrogen system only requires one application to get a benefit and fertilize your lawn.



Lime can be used year round, but many people find Summer as a popular time to address the lack of green in their lawn. Lime raises the pH of your soil and gets your lawn back on track to a beautiful full green. So, if you’re noticing more and more brown patches in your lawn, counteract the incorrect pH level with Lime.


Gypsum is a great additive to use with your soil any time of the year. This product loosens your soil, which allows your grass to grow stronger root systems. Sometimes the only thing holding back your grass from becoming excellent is the soil. Another plus of using this product is the increased water penetration, which will give your plants the water they need.


Iron restores the green color back to your lawn, by combatting an over abundance of salt. There are many things that can cause your lawn to have too much salt, such as having a pet dog.