Top 5 Trees for Fall Color

Add Fall color to your garden by planting one of these 5 trees. These trees are all in-stock and on sale now at Patuxent Nursery in Bowie, MD!

1. Maples

October Glory and Autumn Blaze are excellent examples of Fall leaf color. Reds, yellows, oranges, and greens are a highlight of these trees.

Maple Tree - Great for Fall Color - Patuxent Nursery, Bowie MD

2. Gingko

Wonderful, golden yellow Fall color. Makes a great street tree or as a specimen. Only a few left!

3. Oaks

Oaks are a great shade tree, as well as a wonderful wildlife tree.. Offering maroon, burgundy, and brown foliage in the Fall.

Oak Tree - Top 5 Tree for Adding Fall Color to Your Yard - Patuxent Nursery

4. Crape Myrtle

This versatile tree provides all season interest with a beautifully eye-catching exfoliating bark. Crape Myrtles bring brilliant fall colors such as purple, reds, and yellows to your Maryland garden.

5. Zelkova

Another excellent, upright street tree with bright yellow foliage that has excellent shade attributes.

All of these trees, and more, are in-stock now at Patuxent Nursery. Stop by today!

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