After a long, dark winter, the beautiful blooms of April are a delight for our eyes. There are so many beautiful flowering trees that are magnificent this time of year. Plant these beauties now to enjoy in your yard this spring and for years to come!

Best Spring Flowering Trees & Shrubs

One of the first shrubs to bloom in Spring is the Forsythia; their beautiful yellow color is like a ray of sunshine as we clear away the winter gray. The vibrant branches of yellow offer some of the best and brightest pops of spring color. Bring the sunshine inside by adding few branches to a glass vase and place on any accent table.

The Saucer Magnolia tree is a must-have. With large tulip-shaped flowers in shades of pink and purple, the surprising sweet fragrance that lofts in the air as you walk by reminds us that summer is around the corner.

Another stunning tree that is in full bloom in April is the Redbud. The Redbud has been called “one of our most beautiful native trees” by tree expert Michael Dirr. Its showy dark pink flowers emerge with reddish color and are at their peak in April offering lasting color for several weeks. As an added bonus, the Redbud turns a striking yellow in the fall.

Saucer Magnolia

Japanese Yoshino Cherry is a tree of fame in the Washington, DC area at the Cherry Blossom Festival and was originally introduced to America as a gift from the mayor of Tokyo in 1902. They put on a memorable show of soft pink-white color.

Kwanzan Cherry is one of the showiest of all Japanese Cherry trees with large dark pink double blooms. This flowering tree is also a delight in the fall when it turns a nice yellow.

Dogwoods explode every spring with beautiful blooms in white, pink or red.  In the fall, the green leaves turn a fiery red and the fruit of the dogwood tree are a good source of winter food for many birds including robins and cardinals.

Kwanzan Cherry
Yoshino Cherry

The Cleveland Select Pear is a wonderful substitute for the Bradford Pear which is seen this time of year on many roadways and forests offering a beautiful display of large white flowers.  Over the years professional landscapers have stayed away from the Bradford since the branches break easy.

Flowering trees offer brilliant spring blooms and when those blooms fall and the trees fully leaf out in summer, they will offer much-needed shade from the sun and a wonderful change of color in autumn for your year-round enjoyment.

Are you looking to add flowering trees to your yard this Spring? Stop by Patuxent and we will be happy to help you make the best choice for your property.

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