What is an Air Plant?
Air plants are known for their simple look: as the name implies, they don’t need to be planted in soil. 
The term ‘air plants’ is the common name for Tillandsias, a type of Bromeliad. Air plants absorb moisture and nutrients through their leaves, while the the roots are used primarily to provide support for the plant.

Where Can You Put an Air Plant?
You can place an air plant in just about any place in your house. Typically, people place air plants, or Tillandsia, into glass terrariums or driftwood. Sometimes for aesthetics, small pebbles or glass beads are put underneath.

How Do You Care for an Air Plant?
They’re simple to care for, too. It’s best to soak them in room temperature water for 10-15 minutes once a week. In terms of light, they prefer bright indirect light; select varieties can be placed in direct light, and will change color. For example, Tillandsia ionantha fuego will turn a brilliant red. Air plants enjoy higher humidity levels, so placing them in kitchens or bathrooms usually works really well.

Different Kinds of Air Plants
There are many varieties of air plants, ranging from small 2”-3” Tillandsia bulbosa to 4” Tillandsia ionantha Guat to 24”-30” Tillandsia usneoides. There is an air plant for every occasion! They make excellent presents or thank you gifts because they’re easy to care for, elegant and versatile.

Here are some of our favorite Air Plants:

What is an Air Plant ? Example of an Ionantha guat air plant. Patuxent Nursery
Ionantha guat


Fuego - What is an Air Plant? Patuxent Nursery

Usneoides - What is an Air Plant? Patuxent Nursery

Patuxent Nursery has a wide variety of Air Plants in-stock. Stop by and pick up some today! We also have terrariums and supplies.

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