With the heat upon us, our plants are struggling to survive. Just like us, our plants need watering, some of them even daily. Let’s discuss how to make this process easier on you. A soaker hose is a wonderful tool and much easier to use than you might think.

Here are 7 easy steps to install a soaker hose:

1. Attach the soaker hose to a lead hose (a standard garden hose) that is connected to a faucet.
2. Dig a path in your mulch big enough to sit a hose around your plants.
3. Place the hose in the path and cover it up with the mulch that you dug away.
4. When connecting soaker hoses together, don’t exceed more than 100′. Doing so may disrupt your water flow.
5. When you turn your water on, you want to maintain a steady slow stream.
6. Give your garden beds 2″ of water (including rain water) every week during the summer months and 1″ of water (including rain water) every week in the spring.
7. You can also attach a timer to your faucet making what was once a bear of a chore into a thing of the past.

Not sure what soaker hose to get?
Check out Green Thumb Soil Soaker in 25 ft or 50 ft length.

7 easy steps to install a soaker hose - Patuxent Nursery

Think a timer is for you?
Consider getting the Green Thumb Manual Water Timer.
Green Thumb Manual Water Timer - Patuxent Nursery


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