Last week, we kicked off our National Perennial Month blog series to feature our favorite perennials all month long. We kicked off the series with sun-loving perennials. This week we’re showing off some of our favorite shade lovers.

anemone perennial Anemone

Anemones are a diverse plant. More commonly known as windflowers, this perennial favorite blooms in the spring and fall. Being long blooming plants, they are great for woodlands and rock gardens. These blooms do best in part shade and appreciate moist but well drained soil that is a little on the acidic side.

coral bellsHeuchera (Coral Bells)

Commonly known as Coral Bells, Heuchera is beautiful and  fast-growing. Their foliage is multicolored with rounded or heart-shaped leaves. When in bloom, pretty white and pink flower spikes pop up in mid-spring. This perennial favorite is native to the Northeast US, is drought tolerant and handles shade well.

hakonechloa all gold perennial Hakonechloa ‘All Gold

Hakonechloa or ‘All Gold’ is a beautiful ornamental grass that thrives in the shade. Color wise, it tends to be more of a chartreuse color in the shade but a brighter gold in the sun. Not a fast grower, you don’t need to worry about it rapidly overtaking its neighbors. Plant it where it can drape over rocks, cascade down a slope or creep over the edge of a wall.


One of the most grown plants out there, hostas are an easy plant to grow. They have lush foliage and are ideal for the low maintenance gardener. Because their leaves vary in shades of green and blue, some suggest that the lighter the leaves are, the more sun they may need, though few if any need strong, direct sunlight and most thrive in moderate shade. Because deer enjoy feasting on them, if they are a problem in your neighborhood, planting daffodils or another friendly, deer-resistant plant may help keep them away from any emerging Hosta shoots.

tiarella perennial


Tiarella is another Northeast US native and an easy grower. They provide beautiful ground cover for shady, moist flower beds. They produce airy, bottle-brush flowers that open up blush-white from their rose pink buds. These blooms last for four or more weeks, are rabbit resistant, and thrive in a dry, full or partially shaded environment.

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