A Canopy of Green

Whether you are searching for a shade tree, a flowering ornamental tree, or evergreen screening trees you will find what you are looking for at Patuxent.

We specialize in landscape-contractor grade material, and that means bigger trees, and the best selection! Crape Myrtles are by far the most popular summer-flowering tree in our area. Our selection includes starter sizes all the way up to almost-full-grown, 16 foot specimens.

Emerald Green Arborvitae

Juniper Blue Point

Nellie Stevens Holly

Shade Trees

Shade trees provide what any Marylander in July desperately needs- some shade! When it’s 90 degress and counting, any thing to get out of the sun is a good idea. Our large selection of tress can provide you with the relief you need. So pull up a chair, have a cool glass of lemonade, and take a seat in the shade.


Whatever the season, whatever the weather conditions, our supply of evergreens provide a bit of color and can create the perfect screen from unsightly views. These trees make a great addition to anyone looking for a hardy, long lasting investment. From Bag & Burlap Firs, to Container sized Pines and Spruces, Patuxent is the place to come.

Flowering Trees

We’re lucky enough to host an array of gorgeous species, grown & delivered seasonally to meet out customers highest standards. If names like Crape Myrtle, Yoshino Cherry, and Southern Magnolia ring any bells, you’ve found the right place. We host a large variety of species and sizes, suitable to jobs big and small. Talk to anyone on our staff and we’ll be sure to lend a hand or two in fitting your property with the perfect trees.

Gardener’s Pick: Leyland Cypress

Leyland Cypress trees make an excellent barrier or natural fence for your home. These evergreen trees have a bright color.

Gardener’s Pick: Cherry Weeping Snow

This tree is naturally insect repellent and disease resistant, making it a very hardy tree. When it is flowering, Cherry Weeping Snow trees have pure white flowers that command attention.

Gardener’s Pick: Holly Red Oakleaf

This evergreen tree grows upright and can even reach 20 feet high in some instances. They respond very well to shearing, and make great trees for use as hedges or screens.

Gardener’s Pick: Nellie Stevens Holly

Nellie Stevens Holly is an evergreen holly tree that stays deep, rich green all year round. They grow in a very uniform fashion, making them excellent to use as a natural fence.

Gardener’s Pick: Cypress Hinoki Compact

Cypress Hinoki Compact is an evergreen tree that is a false Cypress. This tree grows to about 9 feet tall when it is mature. This tree isn’t picky about soil, but it does enjoy humus added for nutrients.