Summer Annuals

Unlike other annuals that tend to wilt in warmer conditions, summer annuals perform their best in the intense summer heat! These plants offer bright blooms and even work to attract various pollinators to gardens. Many summer annuals, like the ones listed below, can be enjoyed outdoors or indoors as stunning flower arrangements! For pops of intense color and big blooms, consider these sun-loving annuals.

Here are a few of our favorite summer annuals:


Summer and sunflowers go hand in hand. These flowers are heliotropic, which means they seek the sun and turn to face them. The sunflower’s bright yellow petals and large, brown, seed-filled center give them character like no other. As their name suggests, sunflowers enjoy full sun and regular waterings.


Zinnias are known to attract butterflies to their gorgeous flower heads. This plant is easy to grow, and does best when grown from a seed. Along with other fellow sun annuals, this one prefers full sun and well-drained soil. Enjoy your zinnias in the garden or as a cutting!


Marigolds offer frothy blooms of gold, copper, and bronze blossoms. Their unique color serves to stand out on its own and accentuate neighboring plants. Marigolds are known to be drought-tolerant, so when it comes to caring for them, be sure to keep in full sun and avoid overwatering.


Cleomes, also known as spider flowers, are a spindly and lovely addition to any garden or landscape. They are known to self-seed, and can therefore become a bit of a hassle. That said, they make up for this by presenting unique, one-of-a-kind blooms which attract pollinators, namely the hummingbird!

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