Next to a Christmas tree, nothing else says Christmas quite like poinsettias. Displayed alone or in groups, they can add a festive splash of color to every décor. Perfect for a centerpiece to a decoration around the home, the poinsettia is the perfect holiday gift.

There are hundreds of color varieties available ranging from traditional shades of red, pink and white to burgundy, peach, striped, and freckled. With proper care, poinsettias can last long past the holiday season.

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Poinsettias are native to the tropical forest along the Pacific coast of Mexico and parts of Guatemala. They are named after Joel Roberts Poinsett, the first United States Ambassador to Mexico, who introduced the plant in the U.S. in 1825.

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How to get your Poinsettia to re-bloom

There’s no need to toss your poinsettia after the holidays! They make an excellent houseplant and can be coaxed to re-bloom the following year. In late summer, give your poinsettia a heavy pruning. In early fall, place the plant in total darkness (ex. A closet) for about 12 hours a day. Be sure to bring the plant out during the day. After about 10 weeks of this, your poinsettia should begin to bloom again.

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