Having problems trying to decide on what to do with your yard? Schedule an appointment with our new Garden Adviser! You will receive an individual thirty minute guided walk through and consultation of our perennials, annuals, trees and shrub selections. After assessing your tastes, we will provide you a simple sketch on a Google Earth picture of your property for you to keep and use as you wish.

The Details, also known as “What You Get for $100?”
* $50 gift card
* 30 minutes with THE GARDEN ADVISER
* Walk through our nursery make suggestions based on what you are looking to accomplish
* We will print out a Google Earth image and will sketch layout and plant names on it
* If you are ready to purchase we will pull the plants together for you

What to Bring to Your Scheduled Appointment
* Pictures of areas where you would like to plant. For example, printed photos and/or a lot plan. *Printed photos are preferred rather than photos on your phone.
* Approximate budget for plant material
* Areas of concern (wet, no water, deer, etc)
* Prioritized locations
* Sun exposure (N, S, E, W) and periods of shade versus sunlight
* Existing trees, shrubs and garden beds, and if said items need to be removed
* Approximate size of house, sidewalks, beds, etc

Appointments can be scheduled through Customer Service at 301-218-4769 or through the form below:

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Garden Adviser Program - Patuxent Nursery

Garden Adviser Program - Patuxent Nursery

Garden Adviser Program - Patuxent Nursery

Patuxent Nursery Bowie, MD