The nights are getting colder and the days are getting longer. Let’s face it, we’re hurtling head first into winter whether we want to or not. It’s time to get your fireplace ready for winter so you can enjoy it’s warmth during the cold months. Here are 6 tips to get your fireplace in tip top shape now so you can enjoy it this winter.

1. If your chimney has not been cleaned in two or more years now is the time to get it done. It’s important to have your chimney inspected and cleaned by professionals. A thorough cleaning will remove any creosote buildup, giving you a safer fireplace.

Get Your Fireplace Ready for Winter - Patuxent Nursery

2. Do a visual check for cracks and damage. Hire a professional mason to do any repairs and remember to never try to repair firebrick with regular mortar because it won’t stand up to the high heat.

3. Inspect the chimney cap and damper to ensure it’s working properly and no debris prevents it from opening or closing.

4. Clear out the old ashes. Do this once a week or whenever ash is more than an inch deep.

5. Gather your wood and light your fire. Remember to burn hardwood and stay away from any type of pine as the sap creates creosote which sticks to the inside of the flue and can ignite and cause a fire that is difficult to put out.

6. While burning, always keep a screen or door closed to prevent sparks from escaping and burning your floors or carpeting, and always have a fire extinguisher close just in case.

Don’t go inside just yet! You can extend your outdoor time well into the early winter with the addition of an outdoor heater, built-in outdoor fireplace or fire pit.

Natural Stone Fireplace

Patuxent carries mixed hardwood by the bundle, pallet, or cord for your convenience, as well as fire starters and matches. We cut, split and age our own so we make sure only to use Oak, Maple, Cherry, Poplar, Locust,  for a great aroma and long burning fire.  We always have a good supply on hand as it will help keep your home and family warm during our unpredictable winter power outages. We even deliver! Get more details at 301-218-4769.


If you’re looking to enhance your outdoor living experience, come and see our outdoor fire places and fire pits.


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