Planting fall bulbs is a great way to get some very early spring color. There are plenty to choose from, including classics like daffodils, tulips, and crocus as well as the unusual like double snowdrops, blue glory-of-the-snow, and crown imperial lutea. Between all of the different bulbs, there is just about every color under the rainbow and some interesting blends.

Plant Fall Bulbs for Spring Flowers - Narcissus Bulbs - Patuxent Nursery
Narcissus, or daffodils are a spring classic, and are also deer resistant

Patuxent carries many bags of blends of different types of bulbs or different colors of the same type of bulbs.

Crown Imperial Lutea Bulbs - Patuxent Nursery
An unusual spring flower, crown imperial lutea brightens up the garden in spring.

Blue Glory of the Snow Bulbs - Patuxent Nursery
Another unusual flower, blue glory of the snow blooms in the middle of snow, but is short like a crocus.

In general, the depth that you plant a bulb in the fall is related to the size of the bulb; smaller bulbs get planted closer to the surface while larger bulbs should be planted deeper in the soil. That being said, there are some exceptions to the rule, so always read the package before planting. When you start digging the holes for the bulbs, dig a hole twice as large and break up the soil a little bit.

This would be a good time to add BulbTone, an Espoma orangic granular fertilizer to the soil. Adding the fertilizer will lead to bigger, better flowers on the plants in the spring. Place the bulb in the hole you’ve dug, generally pointy side up (shoots should appear out of the crown, or pointed top of the bulb, and roots out of the rounded bottom). Another tool you can use, if you plan on planting a lot of bulbs, would be a Bulb Planter or Transplanter, which you push into the soil, rotate, then lift to make the perfectly sized hole. After you’ve put the bulb in the hole, cover it with soil, and press down so the soil comes into good contact with the bulb.

Bulb Tone - Patuxent Nursery
Espoma’s BulbTone boosts flowers on spring flowering bulbs.

Bulb Planter - Patuxent Nursery
Green Thumb bulb planter makes planting bulbs a breeze!

In the next few months, if the bulbs start to sprout because we get some warm weather but it’s too early, don’t panic! Bulbs are equipped to handle this periodic warm weather, and they will be okay and reappear after the last cold snap and bloom beautifully.

Now that you know how to plant them, come pick out some fall bulbs to liven up your yard in the spring! Need some help? Stop by and one of our knowledgeable sales associates will help you out. 

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